Our event relies heavily on volunteers who come from all walks of life and we thank them for their service to this event and to the South West community.

Volunteers provide an invaluable service including:

  • assisting with the setting up of the marquee before and after the event
  • setting the tables
  • serving food and drinks on the day
  • scraping and packing up dishes
  • helping to run the auctions
  • clearing away when it’s all over

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below, or download and complete the Volunteer Form and scan and email it to volunteers@chefslongtable.com.au. Applicants under 18 must fill out the form as approval must be given my a parent/guardian.

Are you over the age of 18?

Do you have any allergies we should be made aware of?

15 + 11 =



Please note: EVERY VOLUNTEER MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM in order for Chefs Long Table Charity Lunch (CLTCL) to comply with INSURANCE, LICENSING requirements.

Sorry but if NO FORM, we will have to refuse your offer to work as part of our Volunteer Team.

Our privacy policy dictates that no information regarding volunteers of CLTCL will be provided/shared, unless required by law, and then with your authorisation or in the case of an emergency.

CLTCL seeks to achieve a professional working environment. Presenting appropriately promotes self-confidence and inspires confidence in others within our huge, highly respected team of volunteers.

What to Wear –

  • Smart black skirt/trousers
  • Enclosed footwear that is suitable for extensive standing on uneven, grassed surfaces
  • Hair tied back neatly
  • Those serving food and alcohol will be provided with a CLTCL shirt/blouse, on loan for the day
  • Auctions & Raffle Assistants will be provided with retraVision sponsored shirt on loan for the day

We will conducting an Onsite Briefing Session on the day prior to the event start. Please ensure you arrive at your designated time so we go over emergency procedures, job roles, service run sheet & expectations of the event. It is important that you attend this short session as together we will be seamlessly serving 300 guests with 12 courses plus beverages and making history with yet another fantastic Charity Luncheon event. A Certificate of Participation will be issued thanking you for your contribution to the success of the Luncheon.

If you require a Letter of Acknowledgement for your personal Career Portfolio, please discuss this with our Volunteer Coordinator.

We will also be providing you with an opportunity to provide feedback on your experience as a volunteer for us to take on board for future events.